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What is FUSION 

Fusion is a soccer school for children aged 5 to 13 living in Sydney, run by ABJ Soccer Academy.

At Fusion Soccer School, we have built a program from our own experiences to cater for students from younger ages who can 'enjoy soccer', to high level courses aimed at those who wish to become professional soccer players. 


The coaches of Fusion Soccer School consists of players who are currently in the Australian semi-professional league, and many who have come from Japan on exchange to become professional soccer players. Not only do these coaches teach technical skills, they are also able to provide information and advice on soccer which have positive responses from many of the children who are currently enrolled in the program. 

ABJ Soccer Academy started out as recruitment managers who provide exchange programs for overseas soccer players. They are able to create suitable, detailed training menus for young children because of their own experiences as children receiving many types of training programs. 

Our current goal is to develop and improve our Fusion Soccer School and to join the local league as a team. 

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